- About

We're a brand new team to the Gears 3 scene. We've all played the Gears of War franchise since Gears 1 and came together through mutual friends on Gears of War 3. We're a fun bunch or players and enjoy playing the game together and having fun.

Team consists of:
BBH Brittality
BBH Chuibacca

Brittality is a Vlogger for GOWNation.net, Podcaster for shifted2u, GCon contributor and several other Gears Community websites.

KillrBeauty is active in the GoW community via Beyond Gaming.com and their Thursday and Sunday night matches. Competing every week for prizes. INvolved in the GOWNation website through forum contributions and GCON forum and events as well.

Brittality and Chuibacca, are both in the gaming clan BBH (Bound By Honor). A gaming league dedicated to producing honorable and friendly gamers. they run community nights on gears of war 3 and other games as well.

- Mission

Team Full Red is going to hit the Gears of War 3 scene hard and make everyone "Full Red" from the start.
We are gearing towards becoming a Pro Team and travelling and competing in as many LAN events as we can manage.
We want the GoW community to know that 2 guys and 2 girls, from across the nation can be a force to be reckoned with!