- About

The eQuilibrum are founded on Respect, Maturity, Honor, Loyalty and Team Work oriented gamers.
We also look to have a family oriented environment.
We have a significant amount of members and other & relatives join our clan.
Every couple of weeks we have some sort of Family night on each of our games, also we play alot with eachother what really creates a good bond between all the players.

Over the past year(s) plus we have been in the finals for several tournaments and have continued a tradition of competitive and casual gaming environment. We have some of the brightest and caring leaders the gaming world has ever seen.

- Mission

The goal of eQuilibrum is to give young new unskilled/skilled teams a chance to play on a new gaming level that has been way higher than before, all making that possible for them by supporting them.
We do this trough delivering free game and voice servers and granting them free access for LAN Tournaments, also we are trying to expand our ever growing community.
Also our mission is to finish TOP #3 and be known as a well established organization.

- Sponsoring

How can we Promote you?
We are willing to place banners on the site with your name on it.
Providing you with valuable feedback.
Also promoting your products from mouth to mouth, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and much more, you will get a lot of publicity trough this and product selling.
We are willing to show of our sponsors their names on Events, Organizing tournaments with your company name, Team shirts with your name on it!!