- About

BLACKFADE is a video gaming team that is looking to be one of the biggest in the world. Blackfade will have players from across the globe and all of them will be talented and good players. We have been active in the scene since 2005 but with some breaks here and there we have never had the chance to come further. Now when everything has changed we will give you 100% devotion and a lot of our time will go to make Blackfade one of the best. Blackfade has currently a Heroes of Newerth team and a DotA2 team.

Blackfade is an ambitious community and we are looking everyday to make the community as good as we can. With our wide range of experience in communities all around the e-sport scene we can assure you that this is as serious as it gets.

- Mission

"To give the young, talented and devoted players an opportunity to make it in the e-sport scene. Blackfade will give you enthusiasm & passion."

- Awards

Heroes of Newerth:

UNGL’s Bloodlust Cup – 2nd Place with €150
UNGL‘s Ladder HoN – 1st Place with 5 graphic cards and 5k gold coins
UNGL’s HoN Mini cup #5 - 2nd
UNGL’s HoN Mini cup #6 - 2nd
HoNPortal.org’s HoN Cup #1 - 2nd
HoNPortal.org‘s Quest for Gold #1 - 2nd
Shokra Nostalgia Tournament – 3rd Place with 2k gold coins
Decerto HoN Cup – 2nd Place with 3k gold coins
It’s Gosu March Open #2 – 2nd Place with $100USD
Serious Business Cup #1 – 1st Place with 3k gold coins
Serious Business Cup #2 – 2nd Place with 2k gold coins