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where a Xbox360 and Call of duty based clan and have been playing the series for more than 4 years. its only been this past year that 4 members met in a lobby and became best of friends then making a Team called TeamZeus, its been 4 months now and TeamZeus have over 40 Pro Players and we are really proud of the community we have rolling in.

we dont just play as a team we play as family on all types of games such as Fifa, Gears, halo and much more.

Members of TeamZeus are Signed up for MLG (Major League Gaming) Doing Ladders sush as 1v1, 2v2, and Team Gamebattles. you can check our Main Gamer Zeus ii EnTity Co-Leader of Matchmaking Link: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/profile/ZeusiiEnTitiy

we also have a Team Website but it is still undergoing maintancece www.TeamZeus.4umer.com check us out enrole your team get speaking to other clans and if your new to the Gaming world come speak to players and no how amazing it is.