- About

atoc (A taste of collapse) is a pretty well known semi-elite team from Sweden, playing Counter-Strike 1.6.

atoc was founded in 2007-ish with in real life friends from Gävle in Sweden. At first atoc was just a mix of friends, playing for fun, but it soon became so much more - and it also meant a lot of new players. As I said, we all know each other in real life and we have a great atmosphere in the gang. We have such great teamplay just because of this, and great teamplay is one of the biggest key to success in games like Counter-Strike.

atoc has a rotation-system that uses around 8 players everyday. These players are:

Jesper "HDAI" Brodin
Jesper "equality" Johannesson
Jesper "sjblm" Sjöblom
Andreas "hedda" Hedström
Sebastian "dignity" Petersen
Kalle "kallek" Karlsson
Patrick "BJOERN" Björn
Albin "kauuz" Karlsson

We have reached great success with our rotation system, so having a lot of members in a team isn't a bad thing. But we would most likely go steady with a lineup of 5 or 6 if we would get a sponsorship.
We are somewhat "notorious" on the internet - just because we don't have any sponsorship so we can't afford to go LAN-events, just the local LANs.

We have beaten alot of great teams on the internet, teams like the german powerhouse Hardware4u, the danish mixteam puta and great swedish teams like limbokungen, duttdutt and some great mixes that involves some SK-gaming members.

- Mission

Our mission is to evolve in our gameplay, but to do so, we need more "meat on our bones" so to say. We need more experience from lan-events and not just the internet. And that's where we fail, just because we don't have the money to go to the big swedish lan's like DreamHack or the Swedish e-Sports championship.

We know we have the potential and the capability to become one of the better teams in Sweden, just if we would get the sponsorship - and we would also take more things seriously if we would get the sponsorship.

- Sponsoring

We do not have a sponsorship up to date - but we would love to welcome any kind of sponsor at all. You wouldn't be disappointed. We would do everything to make our sponsors proud.

- Awards

1st @ SandHack #8
Top 2 @ ESL Nordic Qualifier
3rd @ LanBauer 2010
4th @ LanBauer 2011
5-8th @ ENERIC League 2010
5th @ Party for Five #52
9th @ Hazard #28