- About

Team Supremacy is a newly established competitive gaming organisation founded by Lachlan "Nano" Pickford, James "Gumbeh" White and Steven "demzy" Watson. The organisation was created with the purpose to showcase talent within the Australasian community.

Currently we have one of the best League of Legends team in Australasia and are striving to keep that level of skill across all our other games and genres. Our Call of Duty 4 team is currently lined-up to compete in the Kingston Professional Leagues.

PC: Starcraft 2
PC:Call of Duty 4
PC: League of Legends
PC: DotA 2
XBOX360: Modern Warfare 3

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- Mission

To become a top-tier, well-known gaming organisation and gaming community within the Australasian gaming scene.

- Sponsoring

We currently provide the opportunity to become a part of Team Supremacy, on a competitive level and social level. We are looking to be sponsored and this is why we are on Spawnsor.

- Awards

PC: Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
2nd - LAN Smash 2011
2nd - Xin Gaming Tournament
2nd - Kingston Call of Duty 4 Draft Competition #3
3rd - 17-7-11 MSi Call of Duty 4 One Day Competition
2nd - 24-7-11 MSi Call of Duty 4 One Day Competition
3rd - xLAN 2011 Call of Duty 4
6th Equal - GameOn One Day Competition
2nd - Redflag LAN 38
1st - BakedLAN #4 3v3 Competition
5th - Kingston Technology's Cybergamer Call of Duty 4 Invite League Season 5
1st - Respawn LAN v24 5v5 CoD4
1st - Respawn LAN v24 1v1 CoD4 Team Immunity Competition

PC: League of Legends
Equal 3rd - Intime Cyber Cafe LoL Tournament 2012
2nd - Cityhunter LoL Competition Chatswood Qualifiers
Equal 4th - Cityhunter LoL Competition Finals
1st - 5v5 League of Legends CG Dominion Ladder
1st - 3v3 League of Legends Ladder
1st - ESGN AM League of Legends Tournament

PC: Starcraft 2
1st CFeL Season 2 Qualifiers 2012 - JaeYoong
1st z33k SEA Weekly #8 - Satu
1st SASL Season 2 - Satu
Semi-Fnalist of z33k NA Wendsdaily December 8th 2011 - Satu
1st AVCON 2011 Broodwar Tournament - Satu

PC: Defense of the Ancients 2
Dota2Sea 5v5 "The Exhibitions" 3rd Place.
Dota2Sea 5v5 "The Opens" 2nd Place.

XBOX360: Call of Duty Black Ops
3rd - Cybergamer Steelseries Amateur League Season 1
3rd - Cybergamer Steelseries Main League Season 2
3rd - Cybergamer Steelseries Development League Season 2
2nd - CyberGamer Steelseries 4v4 Amateur Competition

XBOX360: Modern Warfare 3
5th - Australian Cyber League Online Round 1
5th - Australian Cyber League LAN Gold Coast
1st - Cybergamer Open Intermediate Final
1st - ESGN 4v4 Road to Melbourne Competition
Playing Cybergamer Steelseries Invite League Season 1

PC: Counter-Strike: Source
1st - Supremacy CS:S Warehouse LAN 2012
1st - BakedLAN #4 CS:S 1v1 Competition

PC: Team Fortress 2
2nd - LAN Smash 2011