- About

Professional Starcraft 2 team competing at the highest caliber of events both online and offline.

We were originally a Brood War team, founded in 2004. Once renowned as one of the top Starcraft: BW teams throughout the international scene and community taking part in events such as the WSCL, ICCup, Pro Gamers Tournament, World Cyber Games and the like.

We hold all of our players and management staff at the highest level and expect only the highest performance from each and every single one. Respect, Dignity and Integrity are key that we look for in each of our players.

Today, we are a active Starcraft 2 team coming back from the shadows we hid in until today.

- Mission

We are a Professional Gaming team that plays within North America, Europe and Korean servers aside from Online and Offline events held throughout the world to include Major League Gaming circuit, Z33K, Zotac Cup NA/EU and TL Open.

Our organization has been working to provide new opportunities to help the e-sports industry forward and continuous growth for years to come. Our team currently travels throughout the countries that are players reside in and are dedicated workers striving to become top tier champions for their country.

We also organize charity events for such charities as the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation and St. Judes Hospital to help raise awareness of rare diseases and help show our support.

Our gamers are to be disciplined, dedicated and committed to the overall goal to compete at the highest caliber and respect for everyone they meet. Throughout various competitions our gamers become strong and stand for the difficult situations in their future not only as gamers but as people.

- Sponsoring

We as a organization are always looking for additional companies and/or organizations who are looking to partner/sponsor with a e-Sports organization.

Publicity is the number one thing any company will benefit from to help further promote their services and products to the outside communities of players.

We are also actively looking for additional players who believe they have what it takes to continue on the path of dedication and will into the pro-gaming scene.

- Awards

FT.aCt)Sony Achievements:
Starcraft 2 -
Season 2 NA 1600+ Masters (Longer seasons)
Season 2 KR 1400+ Masters (Longer seasons)
Season 3 NA - 1400+ Masters (with Grandmasters MMR)
Season 3 KR - 900+ Masters
Season 3 EU - 1200+ Masters
Season 4 NA Currently Masters
Season 4 KR Currently Masters
Season 4 EU Currently Masters

MLG Orlando 4th Round Open Bracket (+Interviewed for coming back to Pro gaming)
2nd Place EU Daily Thursday 11 August 2011
3rd Place EU Daily Monday 15 August 2011

SC: Brood War -
Courage League Finalist 2008
ICCup High Ranking B+
WGTour High Ranking B2
PGTour High Ranking B-
Fish High Ranking B
Top 20 Spirit Tournament 2008
2nd Place Blizzard Gaming Night
Team USA A & B Team player

FT.aCt)Lotus Achievements:
Starcraft 2 –
Season 1 NA 1700+ Diamond (No Masters implemented until Season 2)
Season 2 NA 700+ Masters
Season 3 NA 1150+ Masters
Season 4 NA Currently Masters

MLG Raleigh 5th Round Open Bracket Losers (+Interviewed for Pro gaming)
MLG Orlando 3rd Round Open Bracket Losers

SC: Brood War –
ICCup High Ranking B-
SCForAll Premier Tournament 7th/128
Creator of the Starcraft School for underskilled and lower ranked players.
Created and managed long standing build order thread for all broodwar builds

FT.aCt)Usupr Achievements:
Season 1 NA 1300+ Masters
Season 2 NA 1375+ Masters
Season 3 NA 1600+ Masters
Season 4 Current Masters

2nd Place First NJFail Tournament (http://www.njfail.com)
MLG Raleigh 2nd Round Open Bracket Losers
MLG Orlando 4th Round Open Bracket
1st Place York University LAN
Performs the casting for York University’s Collegiate Starleague Team

FT.aCt)Agony Achievements:
Starcraft 2 –
Season 1 EU 1600+ Masters
Season 2 EU 1475+ Masters
Season 3 EU 1500+ Masters
Season 4 EU Currently Masters

SC: Brood War –
ICCup High Ranking B+
Sweden’s Best Tournament Quarter Finalist (512 occupants)
Team Sweden B Team player