- About

rH Gaming or Raise Hell Gaming was founded by rH AssassiNaTe in Mid August.
The team is so far small and consists of:

rH AssassiNaTe (@rH_AssassiNaTe)
rH Kronic (@rHKronic)
rH Icy (@AlwaysIcy)
rH EnViious (@EnViious_)
rH Apathy X
Shady Klutch (@Shady_Klutch)
And more to come.

rH was founded to show that even the little guys can shake things up right when you think its over, we are a team that doesn't back down to any challange and continually gets right back up if we are knocked down. Currently rH is looking to make it in MLG and looking for sponsors to help get us there.

- Sponsoring

Team ValoR (@_TeamValoR)