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Thanks for your interest in XtendPlay and the enthusiastic interest in sponsorship. We regret that we were not able to respond individually to everyone who submitted an application. We have SOLD OUT of the launch version of XtendPlay for Xbox 360 and PlayStation, and have begun work on the next generation. Please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook streams for updates.

About XtendPlay and its patented TrueControl technology:

It's admittedly an odd-looking product, its function and unique benefits often elusive at first glance. But work it does, very well. Here's an overview:

Video game controllers emphasize functionality over comfort and ergonomics. Clenching a small, tapered, hard plastic object can lead to fatigue and soreness in the fingers and hands, sweaty-palm syndrome, and challenged posture--all of which hurt your performance.

Better Ergonomics = Better Performance
Weighing in at just 5 ounces and made of extremely durable soft-touch material that strikes the right balance between flexibility and rigidity, XtendPlay overcomes these issues.

1. Increased Accuracy and Precision
Securely holding the controller, its shape allows your fingers to remain in a more relaxed position during game play, reducing tension and fatigue in your hands. With XtendPlay all your hand/finger energy goes into playing the game, so accuracy and precision increase--and remain high over entire gaming sessions.

2. Better Grip
Airflow Channels strategically placed around XtendPlay's textured surface promote air circulation to help keep hands and fingers cool and dry, bettering your grip, which also improves performance.

3. Enhanced Stability and Control
XtendPlay's size and shape fill the negative space between your body and the controller, boosting stability by allowing XtendPlay to rest up against your midsection or on your lap in a more ergonomic way. This not only enhances control, it unburdens the upper body, so your arms, shoulders, even upper back and neck remain tension free and you won't slip into bad posture while playing.

We've got big plans for the next version of XtendPlay for PlayStation and Xbox 360. From a functional standpoint, we nailed it with the launch version of XtendPlay. With tne next generation, we're planning to deliver a product that not only works well but looks fantastic!

- Mission

It's simple: to empower gamers everywhere to play better!

- Sponsoring

We're currently looking for MLG Pro Circuit CoD spokespeople, and spokespeople at high levels in the fighting game universe.

We're already working with the worldwide Xbox LIVE Gamerscore leader, Stallion83, so we're not looking to add anymore cheevo-centric gamers to the fold.

Aside from top-level pro gamers, we're building out our team of "Spokesgamers," namely peeps who consider gaming to be a big part of their life, have some pull in social media via fans, followers, subscribers, etc., and are willing to evangelize about XtendPlay because they genuinely feel it boosts their game. For spokesgamers we set up a discount code, which the spokesgamers promote, and for each sale made using the code the spokesgamer receives a solid royalty.