- About

Grip-it is made from the softest material, with the most grip possible. A new realm of comfort and control is upon us. Become a part of the Grip-it Re-Evolution! Total Control LLC is a company whose interests are to create unique and USEFUL gaming accessories. Our first product that we have developed is the Grip-iT. During gaming, we found the need for more grip on our analogs. After long or even short game play we found the need for something that would give us more comfort and control over our analogs. We are committed to developing the best gaming accessories we can. We have many products lined up for the future. Our goal is to create/invent new products and also develop existing products to their full potential. We promise to always listen to the gamer. We are committed to developing useful product. Since we are gamers ourselves, we want the same cool and useful stuff that you want. The Grip-iT is one of those products that after you use them, you won’t go back. We at Total Control LLC want to use this philosophy for every product we create or improve upon. Our door is always open for suggestions and feedback. We want to create products that work and work well. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We hope to meet you at events and tournaments.

- Mission

Give your controller better feel. Give your fingers a softer grip. Give your anaolg ultimate control. Give your self the Competitive Edge with Grip-iT!

- Sponsoring

Grip-it is supporting teams with money. Also giving huge discount up to 50% to their collection and services.

For the quality and service you get they are 100% worth the money.

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