- About

A student from Oban, Scotland, I am an avid gamer. It's what I've always wanted to do since I got my PS1 at age 5. There's always been something so fascinating with the concept of virtual physics and waging wars that will never lead to bloodshed or casualties.

Gaming just sets me free. When I'm playing, nothing brings me down except what happens in-game, and even then I don't tend to get riled up about it.

Most people will tell you I'm on PSN semi-permanently, even leaving myself logged in whilst sleeping (also a handy time to charge up devices before the next gaming session! xD), and when I'm back, I'm always up for a game, no matter what time.

Weirdly, my favourite colour for gun camouflage is the Red option. All my guns are red

My gaming style varies, depending on what is required:

==General SnD==
AK47 Suppressor, Crossbow
Tomahawk, Concussion Tac. Grenades, Claymore
Ghost Pro, Sleight of Hand Pro, Ninja Pro

L96A1 Extended Mags, Python (snub nose)
Tomahawk, Flashbangs, Claymore
Ghost Pro, Steady Aim Pro, Hacker Pro

==Thermal Sniper==
L96A1 IR Scope, Python (speed reloader),
Tomahawk, Willy Pete, Claymore
Ghost Pro, Steady Aim Pro, Ninja Pro

Commando Extended Mags, Strela-3
Semtex, Concussion, Jammer
Ghost Pro, Sleight of Hand Pro, Hacker Pro

Spectre Rapid Fire/Suppressor, C275 Suppressor
Tomahawk, Flashbang, Motion Sensor
Lightweight Pro, Warlord Pro, Ninja Pro

(those are my 5 core classes. the other slots are varied a lot.)