- About

Hi, so about myself I am a Starcraft 2 player ranked in high diamond whom plays for the team Infinity Gaming. I have participated in numerous online SC2 tournaments. Until recently I had never thought to participate in any MLG events. That was until I thought to myself what do I truly have to lose by trying? So I went out and participated in MLG Providence's Open Bracket for Starcraft 2. To my surprise I made it to the third round of the Winner's Bracket after being defeated by a known professional, Liquid_Sheth. Luckily for me my MLG career did not end there. I was placed into the Loser's Bracket. After a long day in the Loser's Bracket I was knocked out in the 4th round. So since then I have been laddering to try and get myself promoted to the Master's League of the Starcraft ladder and anticipate my next trip to my next MLG event. So for those interested in following my great journey it can be found on twitch.tv/infpandora

- History

Alittle history about myself. I have been playing RTS games since Starcraft originally came out. I played Terran in SC1 and the beginning of SC: BW. Towards the end of BW I played as Protoss. When SC2 came out I started as protoss but after finishing campaign I grew to really like the mentality of campaign character by the name of Nova. This was because her cold blooded tactics and the fact that she was the ghost from the cancelled Blizzard game, Ghost, I decided that I needed to have that portait. So upon deciding that I switched to Terran. Once i switched I dropped from a platinum Protoss to a silver Terran. I stayed silver throughout season one and two of SC2 ladder. Once season three started I was placed platinum and by the end of season three I was diamond. Now I am currently top 8 diamond about to break into the Master league hopefully.

- Highlights

I feel as though I have neglected my fans. Due to internet issues and team complications I have not been able to stream. Although I have recently left Infinity Gaming to join xO Gaming. I have also purchased a new house and currently working on moving into it as fast as I can so I can start streaming once again. I have also reached my goal of reaching Masters. And now that I am part of a team that plays against a majority of good teams I am hoping to be able to provide better game play and produce better results for myself and my fans.