- About

I am a dedicated, committed, loyal and hardcore gamer. I am one of the commanding officers in my gaming clan. Currently looking for a sponsorship for my clan and myself. Any sponsors that are reading I suggest you check out our website www.CR3W187.com to see if you like what you see. There are only few of us that have the personality and the ability to uphold a sponsorship. Those few will join my team CR3W187 on this website.

- History

I was a full time baseball player, part time gamer. But now I am a full time hardcore gamer who is out to prove a point. I started out playing sports games but was introduced to first-person shooter games when COD4 came out. Since then all I play are first-person shooter games, increasing my skill level on a daily basis. I not only make myself better but I help make my CR3W better.

- Highlights

Help the start of CR3W Gaming in November 2009.