- About

Aspiring semi-professional Starcraft 2 player looking to break into the Professional scene in both the United States and Korean communities.I am always online when I am not at work competing on both Ladders and online tournaments where I stream in HD quality. Through my stream I can and will input your companies logo to help promote your services and products aside from attending offline LAN's where I can help promote your products through the use and gamer apparel with your companies logo on the clothing.

MLG Providence?

- History

I have played Starcraft going on ten years now. Played Brood War from 1998 until 2008. Didn't really take the competitive aspect of the game until a later phase of the games life. Competed in my first WCG in 2004 when they still had Online International Qualifiers throughout their login client. After that, I started to really look deep into the game. Took part in numerous online leagues to include WGTour, PGTour, Fish Server, Brainclan and ICCup. In 2005 I was recruited by Future Talent Art Control Team / FT.aCt) and started to truly to get into a dedicated period of playing with top level players. After a year, I progressed onward and found myself in 2006 to play in Korea in my first Courage League in which I lost in the 2nd round and was greeted by Dream.t)BlacK and came back to play under the Dream.t) tag. My last true event that I competed in was Spirit Tour held on Iccup in which I finished in the top 20 with 55-20 B+ stats beating 3 of the 4 korean pros that I played against in the showmatches. After not moving onto the next round of the event due to some prejudice I quit playing until Starcraft 2 came out in 2010 and played a little beta and quit again to only come back and play in 2011 for good.

- Highlights

Starcraft 2 -
Season 2 NA 1600+ Masters
Season 2 KR 1400+ Masters

Season 3 NA - 1400+ Masters (current season)
Season 3 KR - 900+ Masters
Season 3 EU - 1200+ Masters

Season 4 NA - (current season)
Season 4 KR - (current season)
Season 4 EU - (current season)

Brood War -
ICCup High Ranking B+
WGTour High Ranking B2
PGTour High Ranking B-
Fish High Ranking B
Top 20 Spirit Tournament 2008
2nd Place Blizzard Gaming Night