- About

My names Andrea Luigi Altomare and yes that's an Italian name, I'm 17, I live in Salinas California, and I'm currently a senior in High School. I love competitive gaming and I've been doing since Gears 1 back in 2006. Video games have always been my passion whether by playing for fun with my friends or playing competitively it's what I love to do. My mentality is to always try new things to make myself a better player in every aspect I like to push my self to my limits. I love to win it's the name of the game and my drive is what excels me to play better. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and family, playing sports, and watching football are my other interests.

- History

Previous GT's : The Aspect, Kolapse, Upsett, and currently VWS Aspect

Played GB on Gears 1- Had some top teams but don't remember the names or records.

Played Gears 2 Competitively- Had many top teams, I attended a few local lans, had a good team with great potential we were going to attend Anaheim but a teammate flaked right before the event and we didn't end up going.

- Highlights

To any future sponsors and affiliates, In any game I play I always put my best foot forward and give my best effort. The experiences of the last few years have set me up to have great success in Gears of War 3 it's a goal I set for myself. I know I have the potential and drive to achieve great things in MLG 2012 with right team and chemistry there's no telling how far I can go. I'm very dedicated and ready to hit the road running once Gears 3 hits the shelves. I will fully respect any Sponsorship I receive and I understand that being sponsored is a great privilege and should be taken for granted. I'm 18 years old, and I have a job that supplies me with a sufficient amount of money to pay for events but extra money is always a plus from a Sponsor. It's more of the fact that I would have a company backing me at future events and tournaments would be something great. I know that nothing comes easy and the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary believe me.
Thank you, and wish me luck in 2012